Indonesia Internet Show Press Release 26 Oct 2012


According to Tech in Asia (@Techinasia), the Indonesian government is looking to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots to over half of Bandung’s housing communities by this October. This is to facilitate the government’s RW net program which is an e-payment platform for utility bills.

Installing hot spots in housing communities is something that even cities considered to be highly advanced have yet to implement on a local scale. This Wi-Fi initiative is in line with the Indonesian government’s focus on further developing the IT infrastructure across the country. Apart from Bandung a similar initiative is also being introduced in the area of Solo, whereby they are looking to set up the longest wi-fi hotspot road, as long as 10km by this November. In addition Internet equipped cars are being deployed to various remote access areas across Indonesia.

Indonesia’s focus and dedication to developing its IT infrastructure is definitely a step in the right direction. With the rate of penetration of mobile devices growing at an unstoppable pace, Indonesia is poised to leapfrog in the digital space. Be it in the form of mobile-payments, remote IT access or even social media commerce this market is advancing in the digital arena Indonesia is pioneering initiatives which are still in the nascent stages across other parts of Asia.

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